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A game about Boxxy? This is awesome.


This is such a great game man, however, there's one little thing i'd like to ask you...

Can you please explain the Irish Potatoes joke?

By the way, i would totally support a third game bro!

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Ahhh, that's an -old- joke from Catie's forum. There was an Irish user who used to brag constantly about himself, so we started saying that eating potatoes turned him superhuman.

Anyway, thanks for playing! :P


Oh, got it bud.

Peace! :S

I also would like to ask something else:

There's a part in Mt. Dramatica where you need to activate 3 switches in order to open 2 gates, so you can proceed. However, i activated all of 3 of them, and only the first gate opened. Am i missing something, is there something else i'm doing wrong or is this somekind of glitch? 

P.S.: i already checked the whole area and i haven't found anything.


That puzzle's a bit tricky - here's the solution

You can also email me if you have more questions. :D

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Oh, sure, thank you man!

So, what's your email adress?


I put it in the F.A.Q. file, but I guess it's kinda buried. Sorry!


First of all, I want to say that this game is a MASTERPIECE! I just can't believe so few people have downloaded it. For me this game is as good as an old Zelda. The 2 best game of 2018 IMO are red dead redemption and boxxyquest! I don't know how much people you are in spherian games, but you should have a 'marketing guy' because I am sure that with a bit more advertising of your game, a lot of people would play it!

If I may give an advice for your next game is to make a bit less dialog, especially in the beginning. I almost give up because there was to much of it before the beginning of action. I bet some people have stopped and missed a great game because of the slow start of the game. At least let people quick skip conversation ;)

I wanted to finish the game before leaving a comment but after 40 hours of game and 188000+ stepcount, I finally arrived to a point I am stuck with a riddle that says :

The one from Youtube

have you heard the news?

Faster faster!

I have tried all I can imagine,  a hint would be very appreciated to finish this so great and funny game! I have many thinks to discover yet...the bell cave, the 7th key, is twitter town accessible, and many other secrets I want to find.

Btw, do you have any news of Catie? She disappear almost for a year now, and I miss her very much...

Anyway, thank you for the great time you gave to me with this game, simply the best freeware game in the whole history of internet!

Firstly, thank you so, SO much for all the kind words. I wish I could say how much they mean. <3

It's pretty hard to market a game about an old internet meme, but I'll keep trying to think of something! Also, you're not the first one to mention the slow beginning. It's one of several lessons I'll keep in mind, if I ever do make another game.

As for the riddle, it's hard to give a hint without spoiling it, so I'll just put the solution here. :P
Also, if you need help  finding the 7th key sibling, here's where to look.

There's plenty more to find, and I hope you'll see it all! Thanks again. :D

(Oh, and as for Catie, I wish I had news. the last time I talked to her was back in January, around the time she left Twitter. I'm sure she's doing fine, but I miss her too).


Thanks for the reply! I almost had it! I drank speed up potion with Shift and also tried other +SPD stuff, but not the good one :/

I should maybe ask you one day for the rare Nes cartridge, I only found 4 of them (out of 8 I guess...). BTW, it was a long time I couldnt find any walkthrough for a game on internet, I thought it was cool at first, but once you are really stuck, it really sucks :)

For sure the fact that it turn around Boxxy is maybe a bit outdated. It would propably have more success with a generic hero, but for me it was nice! Maybe you just need to find one good streamer on youtube or twitch to give the game more visibility

I hope you will doing some other games one day, I will check after them ;)

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Maybe I'll try writing a guide at some point. In the meantime, here's where to find the Rare NES Games. (There's actually only six of them).


Gonna be streaming this prolly sometime in the future!


Ooh, exciting! Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy!

hey so this is my first playthrough of boxxyquest, and I found this bug: if you walk from below the stairs at an angle into the stairs at the second floor of the Reddit Inn, you get transported here to this map included in the screenshot, and you can only move a few pixels because there's an invisible barrier all around the catie sprite, and I can't return so it's a softlock.

Agh, just when I was starting to think I’d finally fixed everything. What a strange bug, though. Thanks for the report! I’ll try to get it patched this weekend.

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I'm using the itch desktop application.

I'm getting a LONGGGGG wait due to 'computing space requirements'.  Is this normal?  I know this is an older game but maybe the dev can consider re-compressing the game using 7-zip instead of the RAR format.  I get the whole 'WinRAR haha meme' thing but let's save the jokes for the game itself, hmm? :)

Ok after waiting about ~5 minutes it seems to be stuck in a loop of 'computing space requirements' and unable to proceed.  Please consider fixing this issue; thanks!

Who the hell uses RAR anymore?  :P

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Ah, I genuinely wasn't aware there were issues with WinRAR.

Thanks for the heads-up. Here's a link to a .7z version while I get things sorted out. :D

That fixed the issue!  Thanks so much!  Game is installing now :)


I'm glad that helped!

If you were wondering, here's a quick clip that TeamFourStar did in DBZ Abridged that parodies 90s computers and WinRAR is part of a later punchline in that same episode.